Rose Candle

Rose Candle


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Ingredients: Soy wax / Beeswax / Fragrance or Essential

Burning length: at least 15 hours

Colour: variety

Scent: variety

Shape: Cup Cake with whipped cream, handmade flower  

Include: 1 handmade candle/1 set royal afternoon tea cup(4 pces)

Shipping Included: USA and CANADA ONLY

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This is a handmade low temperature candle. The ingredients include EcoSoya Wax, Beeswax (cosmetic grade), phthalate free fragrance or 100% essential oil. 

To use this candle as the hand mask - clean and dry hands, use the spoon to scoop the melted wax,  test the temperature to make sure it is not burning hot, then you could pour into your palm and massage all over the hands.

To use as a facial mask - clean and dry face, apply a thick layer of moisturizer cream on face, put a gauze  to cover the whole face (make sure to cut the holes for eyes and nose). Use the back of the spoon, tap on the melted wax, and then massage on the face.

New EcoSoya Wax Q230 can be considered an all-purpose wax and works as a replacement of PB Pillar Blend Wax. This biodegradable wax has the highest melting point of the all the other EcoSoya Wax varieties and has the perfect formulation suitable for making all types of candles and wax melts. The EcoSoya Wax Q230 supports the use of large wicks for faster fragrance throw without typical sooting issues, and it burns clean, keeping the surrounding environment clean. Being non-polymorphic, EcoSoya Q230 will prevent the formation of crystals, which can appear in the form of rough, grainy, or lumpy white blooms or 'white frost' on candles. Please note that this wax may give off a slight odor with increased heating, but the odor will not affect the scent of finished candles.

Properties of EcoSoya Q230:

• Comes in small beads, which makes it easy to handle and measure.

• Made from vegetable oils.

• When solid, it is white/off-white in color at ambient temperature and when liquid, it is amber in color.

• Has odor typical of a vegetable oil.

• Wax Melting Temperature: between 68.3°C (155°F) and 87.8°C (190°F) under gentle agitation.

• Burns best with wicks designed for viscous waxes like beeswax and plant-based waxes.

• Fragrance: maximum load is approximately 18% by weight.

• Suggested Pour Temperature: between 145°F (62.8°C) and 175°F (79.4°C).

• Offers exceptional consistency and performance every time.

• During manufacturing, EcoSoya Q230 can be cooled with minimal chance of improper curing. This creates a faster manufacturing process with less waste and higher efficiency.

• Is not adversely affected when temporarily exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures.

• May be used frozen.

• If partially melted, may be allowed to re-solidify before use.

• 100% plant-based.

• All-natural.

• Sustainable and renewable.

• Free of pesticide and herbicide residue.

• Free of genetically modified material.

• No animal testing.

• No petroleum products.

• No animal products.

• No insect products.

Note: The new waxes have a very different chemistry from the past waxes. There is an aroma present that some people may detect while others may not. This is perfectly normal and it will not impact the finished candle.

Caution: Do not use copper or brass tools or containers when working with soy wax, as the copper and brass will discolor the wax.